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Whispers in the Walls

maeve clarke likes to write...

though she doesn't always write as much as she would like. 

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Selected as one of 20 authors whose work will appear in the first ever TLC Free Reads Anthology.


Update:  Commission confirmed. Working Women and Theatre and the Birmingham Rep on Prime Time – a series of monologues about women.


Arvon retreat to work on my novel, Four Storeys. I would not have been able to do this without the aid of an Arts Council grant, and I am enormously grateful for the writing time this grant provides.



White Gold – staged reading 

In Tanzania, there are those who believe albinos are non-human and that their bodies have magical, healing powers. For those suffering from albinism, danger is everywhere. 

On their last night at Harvard four African students promise each other lifelong loyalty and friendship.  Back in Tanzania 20 years later, their promises and beliefs are tested in the clash between tradition, superstition and the search for muti - White Gold.

Cast: Layo-Cristina Akinlude, Adjei Dsane, Kimisha Lewis, Philip Morris, Marcel White. Dir: Gabrielle Nimo.

Arts Council funded.

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